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Anime & Vid Game PSP Wallpapers

for all your psp wallpaper needs

Anime & Videogame PSP wallpapers
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This community is here for sharing of PSP wallpapers made you, someone else, if you found them on the net, the only PSP wallpapers that are alowed are, anime, ANY ANIME, and all video games, retro, new, or to be released, as long as they are in those catagories, its all good

rules will be in place, not all of them are thought up right now, but will be added here as and wen i think of them, so to recap, any anime or videogame PSP wallpapers to be added, the pixel size of the wallpapers should be 480x272, this is the size i use and it works, if there is a better size, do tell and i'll change it, so then to the rules

1) if the wallpaper is made by you, tell us, so you can get all the credit
2) if it is not made by you but by someone you know, tell us there name and credit them, don't take credit for other peoples work, thats jus not fair
3) no disrespecting other people, if you don't like a wallpaper, either don't say anything or tell them that you don't like it in a civil way!!!
4)if you get a wallpaper from a website you found, SHARE THE LOVE, credit the site you got it from and we can get them from the site our self
5)requests for PSP wallpapers can be posted, as long as it is anime or vid game related, email or wateva for anything else
6) this is important, HAVE FUN, no uptight-ness (yes it not a work or wateva)chill out and enjoy the area
7) gaming and anime news IS allowed, we all need news, lol

for the rules that is it right now, anything bad happen OR pplz think a rule should be added, what the heck, i will add it, if i think it should be!!!